The Latest News…

Thank you Union Lake Orchard and Revision Energy for your generous gifts from the 2018 Peach Pancake Breakfast!

2018 HOLIDAY BASKET APPLICATIONS are available at the Pantry starting in September.  Please return your apps promptly and in person.  Help us to help you!

WEATHER-RELATED CLOSINGS:  We rarely close the Pantry on Thursday evenings BUT if the weather gives you a concern for any reason, check in with       WOKQ 97.5   or   for Pantry closing information.

FOOD SAFETY:  Turns out there’s a government app for that!  Check out:    Lots of good information on expiration dates, storing food, cooking temperatures and LOTS more!!

Thank you to our loyal donors.  We are fortunate to have your support!!

Thank you, Rick Walker and the Barrington Fire Department, for receiving and delivering our weekday donations!

Thanks to the Barrington Fireman’s Association for sponsoring this webpage.